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Recruiting info

Here's a little blog-only nugget for you. The Lobos are not recruiting Keith Clark, a top-50 junior in Oklahoma.

They are after a pair of Colorado kids: Mattt Bouldin and Ray Hall. Bouldin is a 6-5 point at ThunderRidge High and Hall is a 7-footer at Mullen Academy. Hall's coach is Porter Cutrell, former Lobos and NMMI assistant. Here's the link:

Two Colorado juniors top McKay's list

And here's a story about the Lobos opponent on Thursday, mighty Northern Colorado. Turns out the Bears are seeking some big money as they make the switch from Division II to Division I. Here's that link:

Coach says team is in it for the money


A streak's demise

Let's be honest. Losing 29 straight away from The Pit was a huge distraction and a psychological barrier.

Opposing coaches used the streak to plant doubt in the minds of Lobos recruits. Fans pointed to the team's road woes as a reason to stop coming to The Pit. And the players were wondering when they would pull one out away from Albuquerque.

They did on Saturday against the Aggies, and looked pretty good doing it. The Aggies couldn't stop Danny Granger. Mark Walters continued to show he is an offensive and defensive force. And David Chiotti, who had a miserable shooting night, still made a difference with his 10 rebounds.

A lot has happened since the Lobos last won away from The Pit, as you'll see in today's Trib coverage:

Britney! Martha! Lance! Lobos win on the road!


Josh Jenkins

Looks like Josh Jenkins got Lobos fans pretty fired up. I've been reading the message boards and my e-mails and it seems like the Valley High grad and Aggies point guard isn't getting a lot of love.

For what it's worth, Jenkins didn't kick or punch Collins when the two got tangled. It looked to me like he almost kicked him and then thought better of it.

Regardless, he's an exciting player. It should be fun to watch him play the Lobos for the next three seasons. No one would care if he wasn't any good, but Jenkins showed he could be a Lobos thorn for awhile.

Here's my story on Jenkins (with a great photo) and another on the game:

Jenkins emerges as new Aggies villian

Magic marker

And in case you missed him here's a column from Richard Stevens:

Chiotti's goading has ring of truth


Hunter Greene

One of the best Lobos ever should be at The Pit tonight -- rooting against the Lobos.

Hunter Greene, No. 7 on the school's career scoring list, is the stepdad of New Mexico State point guard Josh Jenkins. Josh was our boys basketball Player of the Year last season as a senior at Valley High.

It's deep in the story, but Hunter had some interesting stuff to say about the atmosphere (or lack thereof) at The Pit. Here's the story:

Ex-Lobo great Greene will cheer for Aggies

Granger's pro prospects

I sat next to an NBA scout at the Oregon game. I promised I wouldn't use his name or team affiliation in exchange for an evaluation of Danny Granger.

What he said was surprising to me. He said that if Granger gets drafted at all, it won't be until the late second round.

He liked Granger's quickness, rebounding and general athleticism. He said he liked Granger's attitude and noted that he appeared to be very coachable. He was also impressed with Granger's ball handling.

According to the scout, Granger will have to get stronger and improve his jump shot.